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CD Zipoli in Diamantina


The creamy sound Brescia elicits from this instrument matches Zipoli’s music perfectly, providing an engrossing portrait of how Zipoli’s music could actually have sounded in the Jesuit missions of the New World.

Daniel K. S. Walden, Early Music, 10/19/21, United Kingdom.

CD Zipoli in Diamantina


Marco Brescia shows that he has thoroughly immersed himself in the sound world of Zipoli. He decorates it as a sweet delight, but he does it thoughtfully. He also sometimes chooses surprising tempo, especially by taking the time. In combination with his lively performance, they become very beautiful miniatures


Martin Moree, Orgelnieuws, 11/2020,  The Netherlands.

CD Angels and Mermaids

In its achievement, Rosana Orsini and Marco Brescia carried out a deep research and musicological restitution of a practically unpublished repertoire, reaching an artistic result of great interest and quality.


Lucas Quirós, Ritmo, n. 898, Spain.

CD Zipoli in Diamantina


Here is a very original new approach to his organ pieces, recorded in Latin America, where the composer lived in the second part of his life [...]
We find these pieces, familiar to organists, in a different light. Widely disregarding the Plein-jeu which can confuse the discourse, the focus is more on the detail of a soloist stop which pleasantly outlines the composer's melodies. Marco Brescia's playing is sober and delicate, without exaggerated effects. The organ is soft, shimmering.

Frédéric Muñoz, ResMusica, 02/04/21, France.

CD Zipoli in Diamantina


Marco Brescia dedicates his introductory text with devotion to the history and importance of this organ in the context of the organ music of that period in the South American colonies. With a feeling for sound, articulation and effect, he plays Zipoli's music in a very convincingly manner.

Christian Brembeck, Journal für die Orgel, 2020/4, Germany.

Concert at Settimana Organistica Internazionale di Piacenza


A tribute to the Portuguese Marcos Portugal and José Marques and Silva, to the Spaniards Hilarion Eslava, Nicolas Ledesma and Antonio Sanclemente and to the Italians Father Davide da Bergamo, Vincenzo Bellini, Gaetano Donizetti (excellent version of the "Due grandi Offertori") and Giovanni Morandi [ ...] The inlay recreated on the Cavalletti organ in the performance of the Elevation by Father Davide from Bergamo is truly valuable [...] Marco Brescia is an inspired musician who perfectly knows the value of the centuries-old organ tradition.

Matteo Prati, La Libertà, 10/20/2020, Italy.

CD Zipoli in Diamantina


The organ of Diamantina, a Brazilian city built in the 18th century near a diamond deposit, is the work of a self-taught priest. Bypassing the difficulties (notably the shortage of tin), he created an extremely astonishing instrument [...] The sounds of the organ of Manoel de Almeida e Silva give this functional music the originality that it lacks. More than an integral, it is a landscape - similar in many ways to the one, magnificent, of the Diamantina mountains presented in the liner notes - that Marco Brescia offers to our ears.

ჄჄჄჄ, Vincent Genvrin, Diapason, 698, France.

CD Zipoli in Diamantina


Marco Brescia fought ten years of his life for the restoration the oldest organ in Brazil still preserved. Then, he woke it up with cuddles with this recording  of Domenico Zipoli's complete organ works: a true heart project (Paraty / Harmonia Mundi).


Rondo, 5/2020, Germany.

Festival Espazos Sonoros 


Marco Aurelio Brescia, un unconditional of undoubtless value.


Ramón García Balado, El Correo Gallego, 06/31/2021, Spain. 

CD Zipoli in Diamantina


Brescia, who lives in Porto and has always maintained a strong relationship with Spain (especially with Galicia) and with the Iberian organs, presents here his first solo album, a fact that one does not quite understand, because we are, without discussion, in front of a major organist.

Eduardo Torrico, Scherzo, year XXXV, n. 366,  Spain.

CD Angels & Mermaids

For the label “Arkhé Music” Rosana Orsini and Marco Brescia recorded their work “Ángeles y Sirenas”, with religious music from Porto and Santiago de Compostela, using the historic organ Manuel de la Viña and Ramón Cardama from the Convent of Santa Clara in Santiago. In addition to being contemporary, the repertoire is also born in a religious context common to both cities, a fortunate product of a long and deep research. 


Ramón García Balado, El Correo Gallego, 09/25/2022, Spain.

Concert in Burgos


This 16th century building [...] dazzled thanks to the virtuous hands of the Italian-Brazilian organist Marco Brescia and the prodigious voice of the Brazilian soprano Rosana Orsini. With a large experience in concerts, recitals and operas, both artists brought out their status as experts in the interpretation of historic music. Their talent was not only endorsed by their academic career, developed in several countries, but also by their ability to to captivate the audience on a trip to the baroque world.

El Diario de Burgos, 07/09/19, Spain.

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